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Series 8: BOLO - Resin & Wood

My popular ergonomic holder BOLO is now available in an improved shape and design. Named after Filipino Penman Mr. A. D. Bolo and inspired by the Philippine cutting tool similar to the machete.  We often say that the pen’s grip is largely a personal preference but we also know that there’s a standard way to hold a pen that lessens fatique and improves one’s  writing especially when trying to learn the classic scripts. This bolo series underwent some modification to accommodate a wider scope of grips without sacrificing the indentions that aid the fingers to rest where they were classically described. This new series has more body, longer areas of indention for grip adjustments and now comes in small and large grips. It's our aim that the new Bolo will fit snugly on your hand giving much comfort and control while you write. It literally feels like an extension of your hand.