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The Curious Foot

The Curious Artisan

Every pen is special. It becomes an extension of a calligrapher's hand. Every stroke, every turn is reflective of the writer's thoughts and emotions. It is our goal to give you that experience hence we took certain details into account to make your writing experience as comfortable as possible and worth your while.

All our holders have a signature pen foot shape that we're calling "The Curious Foot".  Our pen is preset to a prescribed tilt that enables smooth writing. It renders the point of your pen to be more parallel to the writing surface hence it prevents catching paper fibers and snags. We fully understand that every grip, every flange-pen staff angle is unique just like every calligrapher. There is no correct angle for that but our preset tilt and angle were based on studied observations and our flange is made of brass metal and nickel plating for easy adjustment. It's malleable so as not to damage your nib when you adjust it to your unique grip and nickel-coated to withstand corrosion from ink. We took the time to understand the dynamics of writing so we can give you a pen that is both beautiful and functional.

The Classic Grip (8mm / 2.5/8") is Magnusson-inspired that fits perfectly between the thumb and index and rests easily on the middle finger providing comfort and ease when you're doing pointed pen calligraphy.




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