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Supremo is my series to celebrate my 50th milestone. It is my tribute to Andres Bonifacio, a hero whose tragic death should remind us of how Filipinos betrayed and fought among themselves for ambition and power.  A reminder that if we forget the lessons of our history, we lose our heritage and our hope for a nation that Bonifacio fought and died for.

For my final series, I wanted Supremo to represent highlights of my journey as The Curious Artisan, from my love affair with penholders to my fascination with antiques. 

When I started The Curious Artisan, I wanted our first holders to be distinctly Filipino so I made sure to use only locally-sourced materials and feature the skills of our Filipino craftsmen in shell inlay.  My holders do not only showcase the beauty of our natural resources and the skills of our artisans but also provide sustainable income to the local community.

For the Supremo penholders, I used the prettiest turquoise blue Paua (abalone) shells and dark Kamagong (ironwood) wood.  But the highlight of the pen is in the design and function.  I combined the accent details of my Balustre series with the functional design of Melvin’s Wand. 

Each purchase of a Supremo holder comes with a personally curated box filled with replica artifacts and a personal journal so you get to experience and share in my journey of creating this series.