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About The Curious Artisan

“I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious.” – Albert Einstein

I love the charm and rich heritage of the old world and fell in love with the beauty and art of pointed pen calligraphy and the magnificent holders used in this art form.

Curiosity defines me and I love making beautiful things with my hands. This has led me to produce the first Philippine-made oblique holder.  These beautiful holders are crafted by local artisans in a small town in Cebu City, Philippines.  I wanted our first holders to be distinctly Filipino so I made sure to use only locally-sourced materials like  Kamagong  (Ironwood),  Gemilina (White Teak), Mother of Pearl Shells and feature the skills of our Filipino craftsmen in shell inlay.  These holders do not only showcase the beauty of our natural resources and the skills of our artisans but also provide sustainable income to the local community.

(L to R) Amor, Enriquez (brown), Enriquez (light), Florante, Laura, Luna (light), Luna (dark), Manansala (light), Manansala (dark)

We took the time to understand the dynamics of writing so we can give you a pen that is both beautiful and functional.  Each holder has a signature foot called “The Curious Foot”.  It is Magnusson-inspired that fits perfectly between the thumb and the index and rests easily on the middle finger providing comfort and ease when you’re doing pointed pen calligraphy.  The flange angle is also pre-set to a prescribed tilt that enables smooth writing.  It renders the point of your pen to be more parallel to the writing surface hence it prevents catching paper fibres and snagging.  

It is my hope that you will find the pens true to its purpose - an extension of your hand as you practice the beautiful art of writing. 

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