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Series 2: BALUSTRE

The Curious Artisan

Inspired by the rich traditional balusters of Filipino ancestral homes – from the seating and aparadors (clothing cabinets) to ventanillas that allow air to flow in and out of the homes Filipinos grew up in, to decorative details in staircases.  Balustre pays tribute to the craftsmanship of skilled karpenteros (carpenters) in hand-carving the fine details of the balusters.  All the pens turned in this series have the same signature Balustre detail.


Top: Dyosa Ink Well
L to R:  Dyosa (oblique), Dyosa (straight), Rizal (oblique), Rizal (straight), Bolo (light), Bolo (dark), Señorita, Diwata (oblique), Diwata (straight)


You will love the modifications we did on the flange for my Series 2. Thicker metal, brass buff finish, deeper attachment and pinned for a secure hold, and still with the same Curious Foot that you've all loved to write with. We also used a different finish this time - 2 rounds of clear coat heavy buffing to bring out the raw beauty of the wood grain.

In Series 2, I introduced straight holders, a petite holder, an ink well and my first ergonomic holder, Bolo.  I named this holder BOLO in honor of another Filipino Penman Mr. A. D. Bolo.  The shape of the pen also looks like a bolo, which is a Filipino term for a large cutting tool or knife similar to the machete. This is the inspiration for the design of the pen - a brilliant idea from the very talented and calligraphy nerd Gail of @the_md_writes. She designed this ergonomic pen that allows the writer to gain full control of the pen by assisting your fingers to the points where it can gain control at the same time offer comfort - side of the middle finger resting comfortably on the right corner, thumb on the left curve and forefinger on top, close to the flange and the tip of the point.  It is designed based on the preferences of the past masters giving you a pen of both comfort and control with this aim in mind: pen as an extension of your hand.

I hope you will love my Series 2 collection as much as we loved designing and making them. =)




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