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Curious Ephemera
Curious Ephemera
Curious Ephemera
Curious Ephemera
Curious Ephemera

Curious Ephemera

$25.00 USD


This is a collection of antique and vintage original ephemera (not reproductions) I have collected over the years.  Limited quantities only.

Each kit consists of:

  • Includes a 1950's vintage Bullet Pencil that you can convert to a portable dip pen or travel paint brush. (random design)
  • Letterpressed postcard replica of a 1734 Philippine map titled Carta Hydrografica de las Islas Filipinas by Spanish cartographer Pedro Murillo Velarde. Printed using a 1950’s Adana letterpress with serial number U/1339. 
  • 1884 Railroad Invoice; 1910 Bank Note; 1920 Bank Check
  • more than 100pcs of assorted vintage postage stamps
  • more than 30pcs of assorted vintage tickets, receipts and ephemera and rare World War II Philippine postage stamps and Japanese-issued money.
  • Plus a surprise item!

    1950's Vintage Bullet Pencil details:

    • Easily convertible into a portable dip pen or travel paint brush
    • Approximately 4 inches long and weighs 20 grams 
    • Approximately 3/8 inch thick (10mm)
    • Comes with a pen clip
    • Bullet Pencil is more than 60 years old with color fading and wear and tear from age. A random bullet pencil will be included in your kit.
    • Comes with 1 free ferrule and 1 free vintage nibs. Insert can fit all types of nibs. 
    • Watch this video tutorial by Leigh Reyes on how to convert this bullet pencil into a portable dip pen. Click here

    Php1,000 or USD25.00