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Dyosa (oblique holder)
Dyosa (oblique holder)
Dyosa (oblique holder)

Dyosa (oblique holder)

$150.00 USD

Dyosa is made from Robles (Philippine Oak) wood  and Paua (Abalone) shell inlay fitted with brass metal flange.

  • Brass metal flange
  • Approximately 8.5 inches long and weighs 18 grams 
  • Php6,000 or USD150.00
  • The Curious Foot - more details at the Blog
  • 2.5/8 inch (8mm) neck grip
  • Widest part of the body is 5/8 inches 
  • The flange can fit most G nibs but you can fit with a smaller nib with some adjustment using a round nose plier.
  • Save Php1000 or USD25.00 when you purchase together with matching ink well. Available in separate product page.

Dyosa is a Philippine term for Goddess, most often referring to a beautiful and heavenly creature. No other word is more fitting than Dyosa for this magnificent piece of art.