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Melvin's Wand
Melvin's Wand
Melvin's Wand
Melvin's Wand
Melvin's Wand
Melvin's Wand

Melvin's Wand

$100.00 USD

Melvin's Wand is a classic grip oblique holder with ergonomic grooves hand carved from Kamagong (Ironwood) wood fitted with adjustable brass bullock flange.

  • Brass adjustable bullock flange
  • Approximately 7.5 inches long and weighs 18 grams 
  • 2.5/8 inch (8mm) neck grip
  • Widest part of the body is 3.5/8 inches 
  • Ergonomic Grooves
  • Bullock flange can fit all types of nibs.  Use a small phillips screwdriver to adjust the flange.
  • Php4,000 or USD100.00

    Purchase together with CalligraPad and save Php100 or USD2.50

    • CalligraPad - 80 sheets of 8.5" x 11" ivory smooth and bleed-proof paper perfect for dip pen calligraphy; padded for easy and smooth tearing.  
    • Comes with @the_md_writes Copperplate exemplar and guide sheets
    • Click here for the product info
    • Php4,200 or USD105.00

    Purchase together with Vintage Nibs Set and save Php200 or USD5.00

    • Set of 12 assorted Vintage Nibs
    • Php4,500 or USD112.50

      Purchase together with Curiosity Vintage Nibs Set and CalligraPad and save Php400 or USD10.00

      • Php4,700 or USD117.50


        Melvin's Wand is a tribute to my artisan who designed and hand crafted this classic grip oblique holder with ergonomic grooves.  The grooves on the tip of the pen serves as a guide for your fingers while you write; middle finger resting comfortably on first groove, thumb on the second groove and forefinger on top, very close to the flange.  The wand encourages you to hold your pen lightly as you train your hand for light but controlled writing.