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Yagnus Ink Well
Yagnus Ink Well
Yagnus Ink Well

Yagnus Ink Well

$75.00 USD

Yagnus Ink Well  is made from Robles (Philippine Oak) dark wood  and Philippine Buffalo Horn.

  • 5 inches (length) x 3 inches (width) x 1 inch (height)
  • 175 grams 
  • 1.6 inches diameter bottle holders, 1 for ink and 1 for water
  • Bottom of the holes are slanted for easy and convenient dipping of the pens
  • Matches with the Yagnus holders
  • Ink well only, does not come with bottles
  • Holders are sold separately
  • The material comes from domestic Philippine buffalo horn that are highly valued and are not dispatched only for their bones or horns.  Each horn is one-of-a-kind, with color and shape as unique as a fingerprint!   The variations in their shapes and colors can only be made by nature; thus a horn may have natural blemishes and skewing which will not affect its functionality but does verify its authenticity.  
Php3,000 or USD75.00


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