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St. Laurent
St. Laurent
St. Laurent
St. Laurent
St. Laurent
St. Laurent
St. Laurent
St. Laurent
St. Laurent
St. Laurent
St. Laurent
St. Laurent
St. Laurent

St. Laurent

$250.00 USD


(For preorder, 30 business days lead time.)

St. Laurent is a 3-piece set that includes the following:

  • Oblique Penholder (with 1 free Gillott dream nib of your choice)
  • Ink Well (includes 2 free bottles)
  • Wax Seal (includes free customized engraving, wax beads, wax spoon and tea light candle)

Oblique Penholder is made from faux stone resin and  Kamagong (Ironwood) wood fitted with brass bullock adjustable flange.

  • Brass adjustable bullock flange
  • Approximately 8.5 inches long and weighs 18 grams 
  • The Curious Foot - more details at the Blog
  • 3.5/8 inch (11mm) neck grip
  • Widest part of the body is 5/8 inches 
  • Bullock flange can fit all types of nibs.  Use a small phillips screwdriver to adjust the flange.
  • Includes 1 free Gillott dream nib of your choice.  Please make a note at checkout your choice of nib.  We will ship to you a random nib if you do not indicate your choice.
  • Resin is very fragile so please be careful not to drop it.

Ink Well  is made from solid natural stone.

  • 5 inches (length) x 3.2 inches (width) x 1.5 inch (height)
  • 900 grams 
  • 1.75 inches diameter bottle holders, 1 for ink and 1 for water
  • Includes 2 glass bottles; ink not included
  • Pls note that ink well is made from solid natural stone.  Tiny irregular chips may appear and can't be avoided due to the natural properties of the stone.
  • Pls also note that I placed molding art eraser inside the holes to create a tilt for the bottles.  The erasers are not included.  Pls see photo no.6 on how I attached it.

Wax Seal  is made from faux stone resin and solid brass plate.

  • Approximately 9cm (3.5 inches) tall  
  • 22mm diameter
  • Includes 50pcs of wax beads; your choice of black, white, red, copper, or gold wax beads
  • Each bead measures approximately 0.9 x 0.9 x 0.5 cm; 1 bead can make 1 seal
  • Set includes 1 vintage brass spoon and 1 tea light candle
  • Includes your choice of custom engraving.  Pls choose any letter from the exemplars of Patrick Cabral (@darkgravity),  Dr. Gail Madalag (@the_md_writes), Carl Chua (@carligraphy), and Katia Naval (@katianaval).
  • Please indicate at checkout the exemplar and letter of your choice for the seal and the color of the wax bead.
  • Customization lead time is 21 business days.

 Php10,000 or USD250 (only 1 set available)

This series is inspired by the grains and textures of natural stones.  All inkwells are made of solid natural stones.  To create the matching penholder and wax seal, I used faux stone resin and Philippine Kamagong (Ironwood).  The stones, due to its weight, provide the sturdiness and stability for the inkwell. On the other hand, the light material of the resin provides the matching faux stone look while keeping the pen light and comfortable to write with.  I chose 6 natural stones in this series: Italian Beige, Dark Emperador, St. Laurent, Dark Serpegiante, Light Serpegiante, Athens Grey.


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